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Safety • Quality • Success

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Safety and PPE Equipment

CAE, Inc. of Orlando is an authorized distributor of DBI Sala and Protecta brands of safety equipment. Their family of products represents some of the highest quality and most cutting edge safety equipment available. Our trained sales team can help your company put together a safety plan that is both cost effective and efficient for your specific project or line of work. Equipment for sale Includes:

★ Full Body Harnesses
★ Shock Absorbing Lanyards
★ Rope Grabs
★ Cut to Length 5/8" Safety Line
★ Self Retracting Lifelines ("SRL's")
★ Beam Anchors

★ Concrete Anchors
★ Custom Installations
★ Wind & Tower Specific Gear
★ Confined Space Rescue Equipment
★ Rigging Accessories & More

Sales and Scaffolding Equipment

In addition to erect & dismantle services, scaffolding equipment is available for rental and sale at all branches. CAE, Inc. is an authorized dealer for many types of frame, system, and suspended scaffolds. Our sales team can work with you to provide cost effective pricing and packages to suit any rental or sales need. Our scaffolding products and equipment we offer include:

★ Complete Suspended Scaffold Setups
★ Suspended Scaffold Parts & Accessories
★ Frame Towers, Rolling & Stationary
★ System Scaffold

★ Trash Chutes
★ Material Hoists
★ Wood and Planking
★ Shoring Equipment

Maintenance of Scaffolding Equipment

CAE, Inc. offers Maintenance services of customer owned suspended scaffold equipment such as platforms and motors, as well as dedicated contract services for permanent installation rigs. Hoist and equipment can be done on an as needed basis, or our team can work with you to set up an annual maintenance program to keep your equipment performing like new. All work done in house or in the field is performed by factory trained technicians using factory OEM parts. Maintenance and scaffolding services offered include:

★ Suspended Scaffolding Hoist Repair & Refurbishment
★ Suspended Scaffold Platform Repair & Refurbishment
★ Electrical Equipment Repair
★ Material Hoist Repair & Refurbishment

★ Wire Rope Repair & Replacement
★ Annual / Scheduled Maintenance Programs
★ Permanent Installation Service Contracting

Scaffolding Training

Our branches are equipped to offer various forms of safety training to certify your employees to use or erect fixed and suspended scaffold. All training classes follow OSHA and SAIA (Scaffold & Access Industry Association) rules and guidelines. The following classes are offered:

★ Suspended Scaffold Competent Person
★ Fixed Scaffold Competent Person

★ System Scaffold Competent Person
★ City of Chicago Swing Stage User Training

Please contact your nearest branch to check availability of classes. If your company has enough personnel to train, a private class can be set up; please make arrangements in advance with your salesman.

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